AOneSchools eases digitalizations to education centers.

Manage your education centre efficiently in its operational, financing and administration process.

AOneSchools Tuition Center, Kindergarten and Enrichment CenterManagement System
AOneSchools team photo
AOneSchools Learning Center Management System team photo
DR. Darren Gouk from AOneSchools on-air at local radio station.
DR. Darren Gouk with AOneSchools team at SOBA 2020

Founded in 2015

My AOne Learning started getting its name as a well-known educational platform for offline lessons. Therefore, we believe that anyone can teach and everyone can learn. After meeting various learning centres, we receive feedbacks on the common challenges that they face.


AOne introduced a Learning Center Management System to their education portfolio. As a result, it is currently used by more than 2000+ education providers throughout Southeast Asia.

Best Learning Centre Management System in Southeast Asia.

AOneSchools users across Southeast Asia shown on map
AOneSchools users across Asia and the United States of America

And many more education centre in other countries have used AOneSchools.


Find out how AOneSchools help your centre thrive!​

Our business consultants will connect quickly with you to learn more about your business. After that, we will schedule a Free Demo of AOneSchools Learning Centre Management System.

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